Welcome To The Bake Shop!

Operated by Global Links Exhibition & Conference Organisers PTY LTD, and in partnership with the annual Cakes Bakes and Sweets Show, The Bake Shop™ entered the Australian market to connect cake, bake and sweets enthusiasts with exclusive vendors across our nation.

Through our un-matched support and knowledge of the baking industry , we are able to provide vendors with a platform and a solution to build their businesses and to grow their presence in the Australian baking market. We plan to maintain our position as the most qualified choice for cake and bake products throughout Australia.

In partnership with our vendors, we’ve designed this marketplace to be a one stop destination for all things cooking and baking by offering superior expertise, remarkable customer service and a solid commitment to quality products.

If you want a marketplace where you can purchase top products from top businesses all in one location – then join us at The Bake Shop!

Happy Baking!